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Below, we present guidelines for the installation of window joinery on energy-saving insulation elements made of XPS extruded polystyrene. This manual will allow you to avoid problems that may arise from improper installation of windows with the use of insulating elements. All information should refer to the entire range - half-profiles, door profiles, overlay profile, moldings. The selection of materials such as adhesives, foam adhesives, adhesives-sealants, tapes, sealants, screeds, adhesive mortars is the responsibility of the contractor, considering weather conditions; however, materials are recommended that will not raise doubts in terms of use with the wall material and XPS extruded polystyrene. Well-known manufacturers of construction chemicals offer high-quality, solvent-free adhesives-sealants that can be successfully used when installing window profiles. Please read the manufacturer's instructions before use. We guarantee that the functional properties of our products will be maintained provided that the following assembly recommendations are followed. The connection of the frame with our products has been tested for windproofness: class C5, water resistance: class 9A, and air permeability: class 4. https://sklep.grupamagnum.eu/pl/cieply-parapet-pr-02-385-mm-do-kazdego-typu-okna.html Sklep Grupa Magnum
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