Hi, I'm Matei Enache a 23-year-old student who enjoys social card games, watching sport and going to the movies. I consider myself pretty smart, but can also I can be very lazy and a bit selfish. So now I'm working as SEO, SEA, SMM freelancer I currently study at Babeș-Bolyai University Cluj I'm very experienced in copywriting, especially of related to real estate niches. Some examples of my articles: Anuala de Arhitectură 2018: casă la munte vs. ansamblu de apartamente Ghid pentru instalarea unei centrale termice. De la debranşare la cât costă Cât te costă să construieşti o casă de la zero, în 2018 There are some examples of my outreach activity for, if you are interested in quality Romanian SEO pls contact me at mateienache(at)
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