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Q. Verify Your Site with Google

Verifying your site with Google Webmaster Tools gives you access to reports about your sites visibility and ensures that your site is indexed by Google on a faster / more regular basis. It isnt necessary, but its a smart thing to do.

Follow the link above and then log in (if you already have a Google account of some kind) or create a Google account (if you dont already have one). Any Google account will allow you to log in.

Use the Add a Site button to add your site to the Webmaster account. You can add multiple sites to one account.

This will open the Verify Ownership page. You have to verify yourself as the owner as Google doesnt want just anyone to be able to represent your site.

Select the option to "Add a meta tag to your sites home page" and then copy the provided tag.

Dont click the Verify button until youve added this code to your site:

Go within the dashboard of your site to Google analytic paste the full code this section. Then be sure to Save your code.

When youve done this, go back to Google Webmaster Tools and click the Verify button referenced a couple of paragraphs above. You should leave this code in place even after the site has been verified.

Youll now be on the Dashboard page. From here, you submit your sites sitemap. Sitemaps are automatically created for sites on searchgi at or in the case that youre published to your own domain name.

Either way, you just need to enter sitemap.xml into the box Google provides you when you submit.

All done! It may take up to 48 hours to get verified, but then youll be all set. Google Webmaster Toolshas a lot of cool features to play around with after youre verified. These features can help you see how well your site is ranked You never have to use them (verification is the only significantly important thing to do here), but theyre there if you want to check them out.