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Q. How to Change The Template ?

Now that our site is coming along, this seems like a good time to decide which template to use for the design. A template can be selected at any time (whether at the beginning, middle or end of the process of creating the site) and selecting a new template does not delete or alter the content of your site.

On the top bar you can click on Change Template at anytime.

Once you click on Change Template, you will land on a screen with all the templates. These can be viewed as one big group or by looking through different categories like Business or Wedding. Don't feel constrained by the categories - any theme can be used by any person or business to create a nice looking site.

When you see a Template you like, scroll over it and click the Preview icon to see how your own site looks with this theme.

Here's how our example site looks with the template we've selected to preview.

Click on the radio button to select the template and then click the continue button to apply that Template to your site.