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Q. Steps to Sign up For a Free Account

Searchgi is the easiest way to build your own website. But that doesn 't mean you can't use some help getting to know your way around.

All the basics you need in order to put together your first (and second, third, fourth - even seventeenth) site can be found over these next several pages. Take a few minutes to read this guide and you'll be an expert in about the time it takes to fix a nice breakfast. Maybe one that involves pancakes.

Let's get to it and build a site!

Step 1 - Create Your Account You can create your account by filling the form or use your Facebook account to sign up quickly.

Step 2 - Choose Web Address.

In this step you have to select your website address. This will be the address where your website will show live. You can also change it later to a different sub domain or an unique domain name. For example if you want to create a website for you. You can type in your name in the text field. Your website will show up on the domain name

Step 3 - Choose a Template.

These can be viewed as one big group or by looking through different categories like Business or Wedding. Don''t feel constrained by the categories - any theme can be used by any person or business to create a nice looking site.

When you see a Template you like, scroll over it and click the Preview icon to see how your own site looks with this theme.

Here's how our example site looks with the template we''ve selected to preview.

Click on the radio button to select the template and then click the continue button to apply that Template to your site.

Step 4 - Start Building The Website In Step 4, you will land in the main dashboard where you can add more sites.

When you click on the button Build you will land on that Website Dashboard where you can start building that site.