OIE-World Organization for Animal Health Collaborated With Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UNAM

The members of the OIE will process, analyze and disseminate data and information on animal welfare

A proposal of Sagarpa, the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) credited to the Faculty of Medicine and Veterinary Sciences at UNAM, as a collaborating centre on Animal welfare and livestock production systems.

In the general session of the World Assembly, held in Paris, France, the panel decided to grant the designation to intergovernmental consortium to integrate this power, as well as their counterparts in Veterinary Science, Universidad Austral de Chile and the University of the Republic of Uruguay.

It will be part of a total of 284 specialized centers

The tripartite partnership will be part of a total of 284 specialized centers that constitute the global network of scientific excellence of the OIE, which provides services related to their specialty and provides international assistance, particularly at regional level.

The consortium will present scientific research projects and technology transfer in the area, primarily on sustainable animal production models that integrate environmental, food security and rural development, as well as tools for conservation, exhibited the highest seat of learning in a statement.

They will work on projects on Animal welfare and livestock production, on a proposal from the Sagarpa systems

Similarly, the implementation of teaching and training programs, aimed at training human resources to scientific and technical levels, support in the development of educational programs on animal welfare, senior and technical level, and promoting inclusion of the sector in schools and colleges of Latin America.

To meet these objectives, its members develop methods that facilitate international harmonization of regulations; perform and / or coordinate scientific and technical studies, collect, process, analyze and disseminate data and information on animal welfare, noted the UNAM.
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