Google Launches Music Service for Android Phones

All Access allows users to explore the radio without any rules

Google launched on Wednesday a music service for smartphones or tablets running the Android operating system, in an attempt to compete with music streaming, direct download, offered by companies like Spotify or Pandora.

Google Play All Access service combines the music catalogue of the internet giant with the personal collections of music from its users in a subscription service in the style of radio stations, as explained by the director of engineering for Android, Chris Yerga.

"Anything you hear in All Access can easily become a chain of radio", said Yerga. "It allows you to explore the radio without any rules", Yerga added.

The Executive Director Larry Page appears unexpectedly

The launch of All Access came at the start of a packed conference of Google programmers and developers, which exposed lot of improvements to the products of internet giant and which counted with the surprise appearance of executive director Larry Page.

"We are here because we share a deep sense of optimism about the potential of technology to improve people's lives", said Page, who on Tuesday was diagnosed with a partial paralysis of the vocal cords.

"Everything you read about Google is stupid or is compared to another company", he continued. "I find that interesting. It is not as negative as it progresses; things are not the sum of 0 ".

Google presents Play All Access to compete against Spotify, combining its music catalog with users' personal collections

Page seemed calm and confident on stage while answering questions of some of the six thousand programmers who attended the annual event.

All Access will launch in the United States for a monthly subscription of $9.9 and will expand to other countries soon, according to Yerga.

The company will offer discounts to those who register for the service quickly.
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