Google Glass Shows another Reality

A simulation of 25-inch screen, 5 megapixel camera, 16GB memory and a battery that lasts for 24 hours are the basic characteristics of the virtual reality glasses called Google Glass

Despite the fact that many technology developers do not trust the effectiveness of the invention and some U.S. politicians wanted to ban its use because they argued that it could be dangerous for drivers, Google said this week that the virtual lenses will be presented in December this year or in the first quarter of 2014.

The technology giant will host a conference next month in San Francisco, USA, in order to report the progress of Google Glass. Goggles simulate a 25-inches screen by a novel mechanism to be located at a distance of 0.74 inches from the eye.

The modern gadget also includes a camera

According to the company, the high definition mini monitor will be equivalent to observing 2.5 meters away screen. Even, it can make screenshots like a laptop or desktop computer.

The modern gadget includes a camera that will record video with a resolution of 720p and a micro USB port that is compatible with any device via Bluetooth.

The company explained that relevant details will be reserved until the global launch

The glasses will be made of a material resistant to shock and incorporate MyGlass application, which requires the Android operating system (Ice Cream Sandwich). The tool will serve the geo-location service through GPS. It also includes Wifi.

Google Glass will have a system to play audio directly to the ear, in order to provide a more accurate, clear and crisp sound. This will prevent any outside noise interrupts as video calling applications.

Although the production of glasses and started, the company explained that relevant details will be reserved until the global launch, as it seeks to surprise the tech lovers. Some aspects that are unknown are price, colors and available patterns for each region.

The Google Glass project modifies the interaction of communication and fun

According to unofficial sources, the lenses include two frames of different sizes, to adapt the nasal bridge attachment to the person. The battery will last more than 24 hours and the charger will have a Micro USB connection, similar to that used by many smartphones today.

It is considered that the Android operating system of Google Glass will have many options for entertainment applications.
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