Giant Squid Found Dead on Beach in Spain

It is the first giant squid that has been found in the waters of Asturias in the past three years

Fishermen and Pachi Ceñal César Sánchez found the body of a giant squid floating in the waters of Merom Spanish beach in Villaviciosa, Asturias.

The President of the Coordinating Committee for the Study and Protection of Marine Species (Cepesma), Luis Laria, explained that the specimen is a female that weighs 80 pounds and eight meters in length.

The found specimen is a female

"Given that in the last hours we had winds from the Northeast, it is likely that the squid has been dragged from the Carrandi Trench, which is one of the most proliferate the planet where these animals," says Laria.

According to the head of the Cepesma, this is the first giant squid ever found in waters of Asturias in the last three years. The animal may have died on Friday morning since the body is preserved.

The cephalopod has a weight of 80 kg and measuring eight meters in length

The Cepesma was established in 1996 and deals with the study and conservation of marine ecosystems. This body has the largest collection of cephalopods squid of the genus Architeutis.

Currently little is known about these animals, early year, NHK and Discovery Chanel chains transmitted the first images of a live giant squid in the Pacific Ocean floor.
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