A New Type of supernova Is Discovered

According to the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, new type of supernova is called ''lax''

So far two types of supernovae are known; some derived from the collapse of the core of a star between 10 and 100 times more massive than the Sun and other known as "Ia" type, arising from the explosion of a white dwarf. However, according to the Harvard Smithsonian Astrophysics Center, a new type of supernova is reported which is called "Iax".

According to the Astrophysical Journal, a team of scientists detected the mini weak supernova explosion in a young star system. This new type of supernova occurs-like the Ia, with the explosion of a white dwarf but is weaker and less energetic, so it is not able to completely destroy the star, reports Ryan Foley, a member of the Centre and study leader.

Researchers identified 25 examples of this new type of supernova

"A supernova is essentially a mini supernova Iax", Foley said, adding that "It is the smallest of the litter", referring to the two other known types, as well as the explosion generated by this new one is hundredth of luminous type Ia explosion.

The research team identified 25 examples of this new type of supernova, and none of them appeared in elliptical galaxies, which are full of lived stars, indicating that supernovae of "Iax" type come from younger stellar systems.

These data conclude that the supernova "Iax" explosion corresponds to a binary star system containing a white dwarf and a companion star on stage at losing its outer hydrogen and eliminating helium. The white dwarf, meanwhile, would be accumulating this helium.

The mini supernova does not destroys its entire stars

Other hypotheses of astronomers is that the outer helium layer of companion star turns first, sending a shock wave to the white dwarf, while another theory proposes that the white dwarf star turns first, by the influence of received helium.

In most cases the white dwarf survives the explosion, and "left battered and beaten but can live another day", Foley said. It is unlike "Ia" supernova, in which the white dwarf is destroyed completely.

According to the researchers, the discovery of "Iax" type supernovae will have a more accurate picture of supernovae, which are used to measure the geometry of the universe.
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