The Internet Makes People Isolated
81 percent of the Spain population discovered that the use of new technology, such as Internet or mobile phones, make people more isolated, according to the June barometer of the Spanish Centre for Sociological Investigations (CIS).

The CIS includes in its latest work, with surveys of 2,482 people between June 2 and 11, the valuation of the Spain with new technologies and its social impact.

Thus, the study concluded that 81.1 percent of Spain considers that the use of new technology makes people "more isolated", 75.7 percent think that people "become lazier," 66.1 percent that it causes people to waste their time, while 51.9 percent believe to facilitate making new friends.

The barometer shows that 63.6 percent of the Spain population has used the internet in the past three months, and this percentage reached 76.4 for network usage once or several times a day.

However, 36.1 percent did not use it in the last quarter and only 0.3 percent do not know what the Internet is.

Of that 36.1 percent of people who did not access the network in recent months, 36.3 wield that the main reason they do not use it is because they do not like it or are not interested in it, 27.5 percent explain they do not know how to use it, while 11.6 percent state they have no needed for it.

8.9 percent of those who have not accessed the internet lately do not have a computer and for 3.1 percent the equipment and access "is very expensive."

Among those who used it in recent months, 90.5 percent are connected from home, while 31.8 percent can connect from any place by mobile phone or tablet.

63 percent of the population regularly accesses the Internet from a desktop computer, 56.9 percent does so from a laptop and 36.5 percent their mobile phone and only 0.6 percent uses it through a PDA.

The Spanish Internet is primarily used for checking email (74.5 percent), read news (61.8 percent), search for information on education offers, training or courses (44.1 percent), social networking (42.7 percent) and file downloading (41.8 percent).

46.4 percent of respondents stated that the Internet takes time away from other activities and 56.7 percent reported having made a purchase online.

94.2 percent of the population believed that new technologies have extremely changed society and think that the scientific and technological progress brings "more advantages" to the quality of life of society (76 percent), "economic development " (68.8percent), "the security and protection of human life" (62.2 percent), and" environmental conservation " (49 percent).
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