Katie Holmes Planned Her Divorce Using A Disposable Phone And The Friendship Of Kidman
With the face of an angel, it’s hard to imagine Katie Holmes planning a flight like that of 'Mission Impossible' to end all ties with Tom Cruise.

As if it were to orchestrate a war strategy, the actress used a disposable phone to hold long conversations with lawyers who were responsible for making her divorce, according to the Los Angeles Times.

A source told the publication that a friend of Holmes was asked to give her the first phone to begin with the movements of the separation, of course, all behind her husband.

But another rumor makes the separation look increasingly appealing. According to U.S. Magazine, Katie and Cruise's ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, have developed a bulletproof friendship.

"Nicole has been supporting her, saying she would help her at all times and be there with her," said the informant for the medium mentioned above. With the help of a temporary phone, communication could have been maintained and Kidman could have given Katie strength to bear such an important step.

The same source said the actresses began their friendship in 2006, when Katie was united in marriage with Tom.
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